We work individually with each partner to determine which research tools are needed to answer their specific needs and interests, and offer in-house expertise in a wide range of methodologies, including the following:


Survey Research

Our surveys are conducted in accordance with AAPOR Code of Ethics. We design and implement custom surveys that are tailored to the specific needs of each partner, and pay careful attention to the drafting of the survey instruments to ensure that they are accurately measuring the attitudes, preferences, and opinions of the specific respondents of interest. We pay careful attention to the interaction of race, geography, gender, and class in how our survey instruments are understood by respondents as well as in how we interpret results and craft findings.   



We offer in-house led, in-depth examinations of public opinion in focus group settings.  Our own multilingual and multicultural team members lead these groups, but where appropriate, we contract with highly skilled group leaders who have the requisite language or cultural competency skills to ensure high quality results. 



We design and implement RCT and other types of experiments in a wide range of settings, including during civic engagement programs intended to impact voter behavior, in both partisan and non-profit settings. We work with partners to effectively translate findings for lay audiences and the media.


We offer guidance and support to donors, advocacy organizations, and others on where resources would add greatest value and have the greatest impact. By incorporating a much wider set of inputs than those used by other firms, we provide more accurate information on which to base program plans.



We have decades of experience working with Big Data to answer policy relevant questions.  Whether a project involves examining FEC data, Secretary of State voter files, US Census population projections, healthcare utilization data, or just about any other large data set, we provide useful insights to guide partners in their development of programs. We also offer state-of-the-art data integration across agencies, as well as GIS analytics. 



We provide customized examinations of populations, geographic areas, interest groups, etc… to provide baseline information to our partners. Community health centers assessing whether they should expand services to a different part of the county, advocacy organizations assessing the costs and benefits of taking on a new program area, and donors determining whether a potential grantee’s program proposal is realistic can all benefit from our needs assessment services.