We help changemakers understand why people engage politically, through a comprehensive set of research methods and by careful examination of ethnorace, gender, class, geography, sexuality, etc. 


the "new american majority"

The New American Majority is comprised of progressives of every region, race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, and religion who together, add up to the majority of the US electorate. Previously conceptualized as merely discrete groups (Blacks, Jews, single White women, Asians, LGBT, greens, Catholics, etc...) these groups in fact overlap with one another in myriad ways, and defy categorization into tidy clusters. Understanding the relationships between and among them will be key to unlocking their political power.


WE iDENTIFY THE Right Questions

We help change makers ask and answer the right questions to unlock the power of the New American Majority. Using a culturally competent lens, we help clients align their research needs and strategic goals and then apply our multidisciplinary tools to conduct research of the highest caliber. We provide effective, customized research services that are designed and carried out in accordance with the unique needs of each partner.

AMPRI’s understanding of the multiplicity of ways in which race and place shape voters’ engagement in the political space colors (pun intended) the way that they do their work, making it more accurate, more helpful, and just plain better than that of the typical political research shops.


With offices in DC and California, AMPRI has conducted research in every state, and has deep ties to those places emerging as pivotal to electoral politics. We are multicultural and Spanish bilingual, and are integrally connected to the ethnorace, class, and geographic centers of change in U.S. culture and politics. Where projects benefit from the inclusion of senior-level expertise beyond of our own, we don’t hesitate to engage specialists to supplement our knowledge and improve our work product.

Whether you need actionable info on progressive White men in Dallas, devout church-goers in West Virginia, or newly registered African Americans in Georgia, AMPRI is the go-to research team for funders who want to win both today and in the long term.

WE develop best practices

Through their more than 20+ years of experience in research and advocacy, our principals have developed many of the best techniques for understanding the New American Majority in use today. Their work helps leading national and state-based non-profits, campaigns, governments, independent expenditures, philanthropists, and donor activists respond to and anticipate changes among the electorate, and thereby become more impactful.